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Consultation is a unique opportunity to get the answers to your questions.

Questions like:

“Does ballet dancing suit my child?”
“What physical abilities does my child have?”
“What are my child’s perspectives on dancing?”
“When should my child enter professional ballet school and is there a sense in it?”
“The pros and cons of taking ballet classes for adults/children.”
“What kind of training do I need to have to get into professional ballet school?”
“Which pointe shoes are right for me? How do I choose the right pointe shoes?”
“Where do I get the right pointe shoes for me?”
“What exercises should I do to develop stretching to the side/jumping/turnout?”
“What can I do by myself to strengthen my back and define my waist?” 

Psychological questions can also be asked, as these are the foundation of wellbeing, success, and proper development. Often teachers cannot devote much time and attention to each student, so we offer a unique opportunity for a personal live consultation, where the teacher will listen carefully, advise and guide you on the right path.

“In ballet, and in any art, every detail matters. Absolutely everything matters, from how you think and what you read, to how you bow on and go off the stage.”

How does the consultation works? 

The first consultation takes place via video call in ZOOM. 

The first consultation lasts 15 minutes. 

If the first consultation is not enough, we will schedule a live or online consultation.

The first consultation is free. 

The cost of the following consultations is: 

ONLINE – 30 min/30 euros  

In person – 30 min/50 euro.